About Health Research Systems, Inc.

Health Research Systems was founded in January of 1991 by Michael & Tari Day, who continue to be involved in the day to day operations of HRS. January of 2019 will mark our 28th year in business and we, without hesitation, can say we are still passionate about helping all sectors of business maintain a drug free workplace. Our experience in defending our clients against Unemployment claims and other legal challenges is unprecedented in the region. In 28 years HRS has never had a positive specimen overturned. As a Third Party Administrator, HRS offers full Substance Abuse Program Administration as well as In-office and Mobile Collection Services. HRS developed and began to offer clients a complete drug and alcohol testing program in 1994. HRS now provides comprehensive programs to many clients in West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio. Currently HRS has offices in Huntington, WV, and Columbus, OH that provide services to all of West Virginia, most of Ohio, along with Eastern Kentucky.

Health Research Systems, Inc.

HRS's expert personnel provides growth, commitment and ability to provide quality services to every client. Michael Day is the President and CEO of HRS. Mr. Day provides expert testimony on all aspects of program administration and Drug Free Workplace protocols that stands behind the specimens collected by HRS. Merilee Hutchinson is the Operations Manager for HRS. Merilee currently oversees the day to day operations of HRS's Drug Free Workplace programs. Our clients have approximately 10,000 employees involved in these programs. She can also provide expert testimony concerning program administration, specimen collection and breath alcohol testing protocols. Together, Mr. Day and Mrs. Hutchinson, along with Charlene

Casto and Brian Elkins, strive to stay current on Federal Regulations. This  allows HRS to provide our clients with the best services available and our collectors with the most up-to-date training possible. HRS's collectors are formally trained in specimen collection procedures along with being certified as Breath Alcohol Technicians. HRS collects thousands of specimens a year and can ensure the integrity and confidentiality of each and every collection. HRS’s uniqueness is that HRS offers everything you need to establish an effective drug and alcohol testing program in one comprehensive package.

Our clients include those governed by DOT regulations as well as non- regulated employers. HRS provides pre-employment, random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion and follow-up testing.

Our complete testing package also includes the following services:

Strict adherence to established SAMHSA guidelines

Use of only SAMHSA certified laboratories

Certified Medical Review Officer services

Mobile and in-office collections

24-hour emergency services coverage

Unlimited toll-free access to expert help

Supervisor training

Random selection

Compliance manual for regulated employers